If you are interested in acquiring a work of art, or in building, expanding, or changing your collection, we would be glad to provide one on one consultation.

Galerie Ostendorff has advised private and business clients since its founding over 125 years ago. Today, in our 22nd year of experienced leadership with Director Andreas Gattinger, the gallery extensively explores the current contemporary art market and maintains national and international contact to artists, galleries, and fellow dealers. We will tailor our advise to your individual preferences or corporate philosophy, taking into account particular needs, budget, and spation considerations.

In all art-related matters, Galerie Ostendorff is an experienced, trusted, independent, and competent partner who will provide you with comprehensive assistance in realizing your goals.

Our Services:

  • On-site visits, evaluations (with photographic documentation as needed), a detailed and individualized analysis, as well as advice regarding possible repositioning of present art objects
  • Development of requirement profile
  • Creation of a concrete offere, including options and alternatives
  • On-site presentation of the offer (in North-Rhineland Westphalia) with extensive consultation and a temporary hanging to present the work
  • Personal delivery and hanging (in North-Rhineland Westphalia)