Our high-quality model frames are artisanal draft productions. Each frame is customized to meet your specifications and with the consultation of our staff. The frame production follows traditional craft in its use of earth tones and 23-carat gold or 12-carat white gold. Other fine metals such as silver or platinum are also used. Further, we offer a wide selection of frames with actual or tinted gold, as well as natural wooden frames.

All of the materials processed in our workshop meet the latest standards of conservation. Acid-free, pH-neutral, and age-resistant museum board is a standard. Customers have the choice of using simple painting and Plexiglas of specific UV-ray absorbent glass.

We strive to pair ever image - regardless of style or period - to an appropriate frame.

What does a frame mean for a work of art? The oldest texts in which the word "frame" is mentioned date to the eleventh century. At that time, "frame" largely referred to a support - a definition to which we still adhere today. Firstly, the frame should visually and harmoniously support the image. Secondly, we take the word "support" literally. A carefully crafted frame should protect the image and significantly contribute to its preservation.

Histories of art have always found expression through framing. From the Gothic period through Art Nouveau and beyond, an endless variety of shapes have developed and become sources of inspiration for our work today. With artistic flair and careful attention to craftsmanship, we will design a frame that best harmonizes with your artwork. It is a lofty goal, we are committed to it.